Join Elvis on the Mothership

I'm having too many ideas at once at the moment, I can't focus on any of them.

I'm writing a story, presently meandering to a close. The Sunday Scribblings prompt of 'Goosebumps' a few weeks back encouraged me to try and write a spooky story, but it's easier said than done.

My B-Game - entitled Poizoned Minds, although I have difficult (mis)spelling it - is coming along. There are only two or three features left to add, and then comes the long slog of actually implementing the veritable combinatorial explosion of options that I have planned. (One of those options will be, "Join Elvis on the mothership.")

I've also got a pile of books and comics to read. I'm currently reading Lovecraft's Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath which is hard going enough (for me) that it's taking ages, but compelling enough that I feel guilty if I read anything else.

And then there's everything else that I'm supposed to be doing.


Bobby said...

Spooky story! Spooky story!

"Aren't you glad you didn't turn the light on?" That's the last line of the spookiest story I ever heard. ...so far.

Udge said...

Join Elvis on the mothership

That would be a damned fine option, IMHO. Make it so.

tinker said...

Joining Elvis on the Mothership sounds like a spooky story right there...

I think I'd prefer the option of joining Johnny Depp on the pirate ship...that doesn't sound nearly as scary (and a lot more fun) 0_0