Crisis Waning

Well, I now have running water again, which is nice. I will be taking a very long bath in a short moment. My cat was rather upset at being shut in just one room while strange people came in and used loud power tools to dig up the floor and locate a leak. (Which is possibly why he's attempting to pee on my bed as I write this.)

Apparently the workmen encountered some sort of Lovecraftian subterranean grotto, dimly lit by phosphorescent fungi, where they were assailed by stunted, half-human creatures that hoarded a pile of bones with disturbingly similar proportions to the house's previous inhabitants...

Or maybe the leak was just in an awful place on an already convoluted system of piping. I forget.


zhoen said...

Running water good.

Our swamp cooler has a nasty leak, is therefore shut off. It's 91°F at the moment.

Diddums said...

How exciting. :-). And I see you too have had your hands full with an antsy cat.

Michelle said...

Peeing on your bed is better than peeing on you. That has happened to me. It really sucked.

I'm glad to hear that your house still exists.

LuluBunny said...

Between the peeing cat and the grotto I am giggling myself to death (a very slow and painful way to go).

But soon I won't be laughing at all - we have termite inspectors coming in on the 8th (at the behest of the condo association - the whole complex is getting the once over).

What we're going to do with 3 anti-social dogs and one very bold and surly cat while strange men trample through every nook and crany, is a mystery I do not look forward to solving.

tinker said...

I've often thought that cats were behind the coining of the phrase "pissed off." :-)

Glad you have running water again. I'm glad you were luckier than the house's former occupants.