Crazy Talking

I'm actually not feeling very well at the moment. It sucks.

While you're here, let me tell you something that I hate: on news shows, when they have the camera zoomed in on a reporter walking towards us through a crowd. I always watch the crowd for the people looking at the reporter like they're crazy.

Because, you know, when you live in a big city, people will often walk past you by themselves, talking aloud. Half of them are on hands-free mobile phones. And the other half are crazy. The thing is, I'd rather have a crazy person walking past me mumbling prayers to Yog-Sothoth than have a TV-person brazenly orate in my left ear so that I appear on the local news looking at an award-winning journalist like they must be mad.

Does that make sense? (I can't tell, my head is all funny.)


Geosomin said...

As the crazt talking mumbling in public type, I too resent the reporters who do that.
They're taking the attention away from the real crazies like me...

Hope you feel better soon.

Bobby said...

They have to redo it when somebody walks up to them and complains and/or attacks them with an umbrella. They only show us the clean takes.

Udge said...

The secret is to walk just behind their left shoulder (i.e. unseen by them but in full view of the camera), pretending you don't see them, and picking your nose.

zhoen said...

I snarl at them.

tinker said...

With so many people wearing ear pieces for their cell phones now, I never know nowadays if people are speaking to me, talking on the phone, or have gone off their medication. I hadn't thought to add the category of roving reporter to this mix of possibilities.

Hope you feel better soon!