Gyro Jane

Gyro Jane cruising through the sky
As I am sure you are already aware, the Interplanetary Space Cat Council (ISCC) has declared this to be Solar System Gyrocopter Week. I have decided to get into the spirit of the season by creating this intricate rendition of Gyro Jane, the infamous combat gyrocopter pilot who racked up over 73 Moon-man kills during the Earth-Moon war (I am sure that you remember it well), beating Manfred von Richtofen's previous best tally of 2 (both of which were Moon-balloons).

Many recent historians have claimed that Gyro Jane only achieved this remarkable score by tying Moon-men down and hitting them with sticks, but this is ridiculous as everyone knows you can't tie knots on the Moon.


zhoen said...

I remember the Moon Men, Hercules fought 'em once,(see MST3K.)

tinker said...

"everyone knows you can't tie knots on the Moon" - why knot?
Perhaps, she used tacks to pin them down instead - which would make her a lunatac!

Sorry - it's rather late here. Nice drawing, Pacian.