It was my cat's birthday yesterday. I got him a nice new mouse. Optical, with a scroll wheel thingy. It's great! That is, I mean, he tells me it's great.

I've also been working on a story. The 'story' exists, but it's not yet written. I wasn't sure how to start it, so I scrapped the beginning I had and wrote it as the diary of the main character. But although that leads to some nice touches, and a good (?) spooky build up, I don't think it will work so well for the climax. I may still finish it in this form, but then I'm going to try and write it out in a more immediate style.

Chief among my concerns is writing a long-ish short story that I can divide up into bite-size chunks for posting here. My first concern with the diary format was that although the tension ratchets up steadily, there are no real climaxes to use as satisfying "To be continued..." moments. Hey, look at me, pretending I know what I'm talking about.

Couple of other things. Finally read all three books in Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy. Cried my eyes out. Review forthcoming (if I remember).

Oh and, though I may have knocked Doctor Who in the past (mostly just by saying that I think Primeval was the better recent British sci-fi show), these last four episodes - starting with the episode 'Blink' and then one episode with Derek Jacobi and two with John Simm have been absolutely outstanding. I particularly love how the Doctor's misty-eyed love of humanity from some previous episodes is happily undermined. And Simm is beyond amazing. There: it's that good. I liked it. All the episodes before that in this series were shit, though.


tinker said...

Glad you're writing again - and best of all, that we might get a chance to read it.

Belated happy birthday wishes to your cat!

Michelle said...

I love Pullman. I was sooo sad that there wasn't another book. I could have lived in that world for a long time.