Hollywood Thunderclap

It was thundering last night. And lightning-ing as well. It seemed to stop by the time I went to bed, but then, just as I was drifting off to sleep, the sky came out with a single flash and thunderclap. And not just any thunderclap: a flawless Hollywood thunderclap, of the kind that I assumed was made up by movie studios and repeated until people forgot that it was made up and that, actually, thunder does not sound like that.

I now know, however, that it does sound like that, at least very occasionally. (And now so do you.)


rochambeau said...

Dear Pacian,
Where my Mom lives there is some very dramatic weather, with lots of sound effects, but what you wrote about today reminds me of when I lived in Los Angeles and we lived on the 3rd floor of an Apt. One night we had 5 mini earthquakes! I finally gave up on trying to sleep. We just turned the TV on. Hope you sleep well tonight. Your cat too.

zhoen said...

I've heard those. Midwesterners who wound up in CA do those.

michelle said...

You people are making a big deal out of your weather, hehe. I have been reading about it a lot lately. Where I live, we have had the pleasure of a thunderstorm for 10 days out of the last two weeks. I hate 'em.