Me Brain No Work

I have to do this timed, online aptitude test. Each question is timed individually, so thankfully I can go back to it later. The questions are simple (so far), but I can't think smoothly. My sleep patterns are all messed up and it feels like the cogs of my brain are jammed with treacle. Perhaps someone has been pouring it into my ear at night... I shall have to set up a night-vision camera to catch them!

PS. I was just getting around to removing Gendergeek from my blogroll, since last I saw it hadn't been updated for yonks (I've replaced it with the f word blog, to keep a British feminist perspective in my political links), and thought it might be an idea just to check their page on the off-chance that they'd updated. Instead I found that their domain has expired and (predictably) been replaced with a typically spammy and pornographic squatter. Those of you still linking to that url (pokes DK) might need to reconsider.


Disillusioned kid said...

It is done.

That said, the picture I was confronted with when I followed the link was perhaps the single most unlikely image one could think of to flog porn.

susanna said...

Oh no, treakle in the brain. Not good. BTW, what IS treakle? Is it brown and sticky like molasses? Does it taste like Marmite? What DOES Marmite taste like?

Good luck with your test, Pacian!