Letters from the Postbag

Hello again dear readers. I'm sure you'll be glad to hear that it is that time once again: time to answer letters from the postbag! Sally Madeup of Faketown, USA writes:

Dear Pacian,

I have recently been wondering what a C grade in GCSE Art and Design looks like. Do you know? And if so, could you please show us?

Lots of love,

Well Sally, it is funny that you should ask me that, because this fellow has been playing on my mind recently. In fact, he is just about to be relocated because there are mice in a place where I am storing lots of stuff, and he must make way for things that are more immediately useful!

I hope that answers your question for you, Sally, and thanks for writing in!


Tinker said...

He should have gotten an A - he's Adorable! I hope the mice don't chase him away...

Geosomin said...

But look at those eyes...how can you send it away when it looks at you with those eyes? :)
Maybe he and the mice can conspire to take over the storage cabinet...

Pacian said...

@T: He is sitting by the TV right now. I don't know where else to put him.

@G: Because it's huge! And any such revolt would be put down with swift violence.

susanna said...

Awww...did you make him, Pacian? You should wrap him up and give him to your mom next Mother's Day. He'll be an A in her books.

Maybe you can coat him in water resistant something and place him in your mom's garden. OR better yet place him in someone else's garden without telling them! C'mon, DO IT, DO IT, DO IT...!

Pacian said...

No! He's mine! I worked hard on him!


Also I don't want to have to climb over any fences.