If, in an effort to generate space, you were to lay a person's childhood out on a newspaper, what might it look like?

Thundercats, Ghostbusters and police cars
Well, it would look like that, only five times as dense. These are the things that I'm keeping. That's minus a whole lot of Ninja Turtles, G.I. Joes, metal cars and miscellaneous space ships. And remaining we find: Thundercats, Ghostbusters and police cars. Sorting through all this stuff, I expected nostalgia (and got it), but I also found a few surprises, for example this gal:

I don't remember her at all, in fact I didn't even think that I had any female action figures. Not because I didn't want them, but because my mum was adamant that certain things were for girls, and so I couldn't really want them.

According to Google, this is Pumyra, and her action figure is actually worth a bit if you have her sling (which I don't) and the fake gold hasn't gone green (which it has). I have no idea how or when I got this toy, especially since the UK never got as far the second season of Thundercats, which is when she first appeared. Apparently.

A dinosaur eats a cowboy's hat.
This is what happens when you pull all of your childhood out at once: things get mixed up, and the next thing you know, someone's hat is being eaten. Well, it will save just that little bit more space. Which, if I recall correctly, was the purpose of the whole endeavour anyway.


zhoen said...

Now, I want to do this, but what little bits remain are well packed.

Careful of those dinosaurs, very dangerous.

Geosomin said...

oooh...you have the Ghostbusters car. I'm jealous. I couldn't have it...it wasn't a "girls" toy.
You have just elevated yourself to king of coolness.

I just went through a bit of this this weekend as my mum was going thru some stuff my brother and I had at their house and up at the lake from our childhood...it's funny to pull it all out and look through it. My brother and I ended up goofing around with the toys, games, a Mr. T puzzle and playing battleship for most of saturday...

Tinker said...

Though it may make more space, I'd keep a close eye on that dino - those hats are a gateway drug - first it's just a little hat, then next it's a boot...before you know it, they've devoured entire Star Wars costumes, and there goes the E-bay value.