But Of Course

Interviewed by Michelle.

1. What is your favorite word?

Should I pick it because of what it means, or how it sounds? I guess both would be best. Damn, I'm not sure. I like archaic scientific words, like hermetic and aether. Or poetic words beginning with 'e', such as eloquent or elegant. I also like 'psychedelia'. But, sadly, words only really work in unison and with context.

2. If you could only eat two foods for the rest of your life, what would they be?

Vegetables and dairy products. What, too broad? In terms of eating healthily with such a diet, I think you'd have to eat other animals to actually get all the nutrients an animal (like you) needs. So, pig and fish, maybe? But answering in the spirit of which two foods I would most like to eat for the rest of my life, in the absence of health concerns, I guess I have a problem. If I pick something special that I really like, mightn't having it every day drive me crazy? Or, worse still, put me off of that food?

I think it would have to be cheese and chocolate. I really like them, and I expect I could easily enjoy having them every day.

3. What do you think is the biggest social problem facing us today?

Just one? I like to lump a lot of things together as being poor imagination, such as not being able to imagine the hurt that insensitive words might cause, or not being able to imagine the environmental damage of a certain lifestyle. I dunno, maybe that's a cheap kind of generalisation.

To be more specific, humans do have a big problem actually using their sense of empathy. If they did, I think things would be much nicer for a lot of people. But that still leaves behind a lot of problems with regards to dogma and ignorance. Imagination is a strong, positive concept for me, and I can't help but see it as something of a panacea.

4. If you could jump into a book or movie and become part of it, which one would it be?

That's a really tough one. It would have to be something set in some other or future world, and also something not especially dangerous... Something like Final Fantasy 8, with lots of amazing things happening, but no-one actually dying. At least not named characters, anyway. But FF8 is a computer game, so it doesn't count. Looking in my bookcase, all this stuff is either painfully real-world, science fiction dystopia, or apocalyptic fantasy. Wouldn't really want to be in any of those.

When it comes to my favourite movies, Miyazaki is an obvious choice. Any one of his, really. A world of crazy flying machines and strange creatures, not to mention stories emphasising that no matter how minor a character I am, my life still matters. But not Castle in the Sky, 'cause that one makes me dizzy – I have no head for heights. Maybe Nausicaa, but only the movie, not the comic book. The movie has a utopian ending, the comic has piles of bodies up to here, so there's a bit of a difference. I dunno, maybe I'm too negative, but I just think that if you dropped me into your typical dramatic story, I'd probably flounder and die and not get to see any of the exciting stuff. Kind of like in real life.

Actually, just stick me in something by Hope Larson.

5. What are your thoughts on spiders?

I think that spiders are both beautiful and frightening in everything they do, and I would thank them to keep a polite distance from me.


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Geosomin said...

As for the food thing-I think it'd be hard to choose. I once loved chocolate until I worked in a chocolate factory where I could eat as much as I wanted every day. Took years to want it again - so I bet eating only a few things would indeed get monotonous after a while...I don't think I could ever not want to eat cheese but you just never know.

Interview me...pulease?

Disillusioned kid said...

Oh, go on then...

Interview me.

Michelle said...

I love what you said about empathy. I was talking to my students about how difficult it is to commit crimes when one has empathy for the victim. It gave them pause, and a few said they'd rather not have it.

Tinker said...

Chocolate and cheese - wise choices indeed. But then I'd want strawberries to go with the chocolate, and some nice crackers to go with the cheese, which would then make me thirsty, and I'd want some wine, and maybe some olives...

How can anyone choose just one?

Diddums said...

I know none of these questions were for me, but...

Today I was walking along thinking "I always rather wanted to be a Womble."

About foods - 'bread' would be one, as I have it nearly every day anyway. It has stood the test of time! The other would have to be vegetables and/or savouries.

Spiders - saw a remote controllable tarantula today. Didn't see it in action, but the eyes apparently glow red. Wonder what the cats would think of it. :-).