More Memage from the Meme Soup


1. My 'ex' is still - emailing me from time to time.

2. I am listening to - cars drive past.

3. Maybe I should - finish this letter I'm writing.

4. I love - gals who wear glasses.

Jemima continues her moth-eaten meme trend. Question 5 is lost in transit.

6. I don't understand - how some people can be so unkind, can seem to lack the smallest shred of empathy.

7. I lost my respect for - myself, years ago.

8. I last ate - a twix.

9. The meaning of my display name is - 'man of peace'.

10. Love is - all you need?

11. Someday - I will be okay, I hope.

12. I will always - be a daydreamer.

13. I never ever want to lose - my few redeeming qualities.

14. When I woke up this morning - I stopped being asleep.

15. I get annoyed at - arrogance.

16. Parties - are fun, full of drunken hugs.

17. My pet - is better than you.

18. Kisses - are like butterflies.

19. Today I - muddled through.

20. I wish - I could cope with things.

21. I really want - contentment.


zhoen said...

Love your memage.

Stealing it as usual.

susanna said...

I like your answers, Pacian. It's a good combination of humbleness and sassiness. :)

tinker said...

"Question 5 is lost in transit." Which may still be better than being lost in translation.

"My pet - is better than you."
Unfortunately for me, I think this may be true of most people's pets.

"Parties - are fun, full of drunken hugs"

Here's a simulated-drunken party )(hUg() to tide you over till your next real one - at which I hope you find a splendidly bespectacled gal.

colleen said...

Nice check in and not your average bear of a meme or maybe its your answers that make it fun to read.

Pacian said...

@Z+S+T: Thank you all.

@Colleen: Welcome, and I'm glad to give you fun! :-)

Michelle said...

Hmm. I see stories in many of those answers. I'm certainly curious, at any rate.

Note to self: Get glasses. Look hot to smart guys.