Visual DNA

All the cool kids seem to be doing this, so I'd better join in too.

Season one of Primeval finished last night, on a cliffhanger - of course. A couple of minor points from the previous episodes turned out to be subtle foreshadowing for some big revelations. And maybe I'm just a wuss, but I found the way that one of those revelations was tied up with the death of one of the more likable characters to be quite moving. Season two has already been commissioned, and I'm looking forward to it.


Roadchick said...

You, You, You

Tag, you're it.

Check the Roadtrip for the rules.

This one is pretty interesting.

Terri /Tinker said...

Sleeping's one of my secret vices - oops, guess it's not so secret now.
These widget-y gadget thingies are pretty cool. o_o

Udge said...

On the contrary! Real life is FULL of zombies; but one isn't allowed to shoot them.

susanna said...

Cool! You know, I totally didn't think of listening to music on the computer when I did my Visual DNA and I LOVE listening to new music via itunes, myspace and blogger podcasts. Where/what do you listen to?

Pacian said...

Where/what do you listen to?

I am anachronistic in some ways. I tend to just stick a CD in the drive. As for other means of acquiring music, I will keep quiet for fear of incriminating myself or others.