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It seems it almost was Game Over for me today. I was fine this morning, but my head fogged up increasingly through the day until by midday I had a sick headache and had to skip lunch for fear that I would see it again shortly after. But, now I'm feeling better again - and just in time to fully enjoy Primeval, which I am still digging above and beyond even Vincent D'Onofrio in Law and Order: Criminal Intent which has lost a portion of its mojo this series, I think.

It's a shame that Primeval is kind of being seen as Doctor Who's poor cousin. While I'm sure the success of the revived BBC show was the chief reason why ITV commissioned Primeval, the people behind it clearly have their own strong ideas and it's anything but a knock-off. (I'd argue that the Beeb are the ones who seem to be producing most of the pale Doctor Who knock-offs, with Torchwood and that kid's show. Oh, wait, those are 'spin-offs', right.)

But regardless of how and why it got made, Primeval has really impressed me as a British show that is both way smarter and way funnier than anything else we seem to be making, by a substantial margin. Which is not to say that its portrayal of evolutionary biology is flawless or that I can understand why exactly that pterasaur decided to chew through the phone-line (presumably because it read that it was supposed to in the script), but that I just find this to be a charming, and very genuine show, without the humourless sense of self-importance that so much of the rest of British TV seems to have been infected with (including a certain sci-fi show about a mysterious doctor).

I'm also really liking Lucy Brown's character, Claudia*. Kind of like Darth Vader in that she's the baddy's second-in-command, but you can tell that really she's nice inside. And also, unlike Darth Vader she's female and cuddly and has gorgeous dark eyes. Maybe it's because I'm a soppy fool, but there's something about a character with a hard exterior and a soft interior that always gets me. -sigh-

*This also doubles as a handy link to the official site that skips the pointless and (for me) lengthy Flash loading sequence.


zhoen said...

Thanks, always like a good tip.

Terri /Tinker said...

Maybe someday our PBS will broadcast it - they seem to wait till a BBC series is all done for, first. Sounds intriguing though...

Terri /Tinker said...

Meant to tell you I hope you feel better soon - I have, for want of a better word, the Ick, too - I know most people just call it a cold, but somehow that's not feeling descriptive enough for me Hope yours has gotten better by now and no more untimely demises either.

susanna said...

Poor Pacian, I hope you feel better soon.

A pterasaur ate through a phone line? Does a Dodo bird make an appearance in a later episode? If so, I may have seen the trailer for Primeval. You'll have to give episode by episode accounts of the show for us living on the other side of the Atlantic. Hmmm...maybe they'll air episodes online? What channel is it on over there?

Pacian said...

I am feeling better now thank you.


Does a Dodo bird make an appearance in a later episode?

A whole flock of them. You may have seen the trailer I posted for it here. (I can't remember if there was a dodo in it...)

What channel is it on over there?

ITV, although that won't necessarily stop it from appearing on BBC America.