50 Things

Borrowed, with encouragement, from Tinker here. The idea is to list 50 things that 'bring you joy'. Obviously this poses problems such as, "Is my cat one 'thing' or many?" and "What qualifies as joy, and not, say, mirth or ecstasy?" It was an arduous process that got easier as it went on, and, just as happened with Tinker, I found that when I reached the end, I felt that I could probably keep going.

But I only have so much time, so I stopped. Here is the list:

1. My cat.
2. My cat purring.
3. Playing with my cat and seeing his eager blue eyes.
4. My cat sleeping on my feet and keeping them warm.
5. Writing little stories.
6. Planning larger stories.
7. Trips to the cinema.
8. Buster Keaton’s expression.
9. Gorgeous cinematography.
10. The smell of new books.
11. Imaginative stories, sensitively told.
12. Emily - bringer-of-joy-in-chief.
13. Images from distant worlds.
14. Carolyn Porco and the Cassini Imaging Team in particular.
15. Grasping a difficult and unfamiliar concept.
16. Atmospheric locations in computer games.
17. Silly doodles.
18. Beautiful, bold, expressive animation.
19. Stirring music with no lyrics.
20. A nice cup of tea.
21. Sticking things on things. (Posters on walls, pictures on notebook covers…)
22. Filling notebooks with the contents of my head.
23. Hugs.
24. Returning home when tired.
25. Retro Gamer magazine.

26. Sea creatures from far across the evolutionary tree.
27. Oni Press!
28. The voice of Koichi Yamadera.
29. Cheese on celery.
30. Blogging.
31. The words of Carl Sagan, Richard Feynman, and other eloquent scientists.
32. Scrabble.
33. Time off.
34. Being warm when it’s cold.
35. That perfect turn of phrase.
36. Laguna Loire, Quistis Trepe and Irvine Kinneas. Oh, and Barney Calhoun.
37. Christmas time.
38. Intellectual cheekiness.
39. Gentle sarcasm.
40. Surreal, off-the-wall surprises.
41. A little bit of recognition of the fallibility of the human senses.
42. Hallucinatory/dream-like imagery.
43. The bittersweet.
44. The understated.
45. When you can really believe that they all live happily ever after.
46. Feeling no pressure or fear.
47. Finding others who feel the same.
48. Idle daydreams.
49. Miles Davis and Yoko Kanno.
50. Zombies.


Diddums said...

Zombies?? Are you checking that we're paying attention?

Pacian said...

"We're them, and they're us."

zhoen said...



You'd fit right in with our bunch of friends. And your little cat too.

Carolyn said...

Thank you very much. I'm touched -- really -- and so very glad our labors of love and gifts from Saturn bring you such joy. And well they should: there is nothing quite like them on Earth.

Best, Carolyn Porco

tinker said...

Great list! I knew you could do it, Pacian - uh, er - zombies? Well, then again, if they bring you joy - why not zombies? Though I'd have thought a Voodoo priestess might be of more interest to you.

I think I like your list much better than my own; I might have to swipe it...Pacian - look over there! A zombie!
(exits web page quickly with list under arm...)