My Namelian

Via Tinker comes this nifty little creative activity: Namelians. It's the kind of thing that you only need the slightest nudge to try out for yourself, I think, especially if you're in a whimsical mood. I tried it with 'Pacian' and came up with the following otherworldly little creature:

As you might expect, I've thought this through too much. This fellow is a filter feeder, drifting through an alien ocean, or perhaps even on the breezes of a denser atmosphere than Earth's. The curly hair-like bits sift for little morsels of food, while the creature hangs suspended from its large orange paddles. The smaller paddles provide stability and fine control. With its big compound eyes, it's able to spot predators coming from quite a way away, which is where the funnels and pointy bulge at the bottom come into play: it can suck water in through the funnels and shoot it out of its tail in a short burst to make a quick escape.

This one is called Bobby.


Terri /Tinker said...

Bobby is quite attractive with his bristly mustache, which comes in handy for scooping up seafood appetizers. He's rather ingenious, too - that whole sucking water in through his funnels then shooting it out through his tail to make a quick escape - clever little fella!

Thanks for playing along.

Pacian said...

I enjoyed playing along.

btw: Plenty of sea creatures on Earth use underwater jet engines like that - squid, for example.

Michelle said...

I remember doing this as a kid. Yours is very cool. I want to do it again.

zhoen said...

The name is your convenience, since it doesn't think in terms of names.

Pacian said...

@Michelle: Sadly it is illegal for the same person to do it twice.

@Zhoen: Pff. Says you. Did Bobby say you could speak for him?

susanna said...

He's kinda cute in a wierd way. Somewhere out there, on a planet far, far away, is a little girl alien doing the Under the Bed Bobby check every night.