The flowsnakes visited last night, nibbling on the ends of my toes. I curled up into a tight ball under the quilt, but still they nibbled. They had wriggled down all the way from the sky, they had, so wriggling into my bed was no problem.

The weather man says we can expect more subzero temperatures tomorrow. And 2 to 8 centimetres of snow. I shall be sealing all the doors and windows with duct tape. No more flowsnakes will be getting in here, that is certain.


zhoen said...

I had a recurring childhood nightmare of fish eating my toes off.

Terri /Tinker said...

Be careful those flowsnakes are very sneaky, they'll teeze your froes before you knows it @_@

Diddums said...

I left the cats' old duvet outside, pending a turn in the washing machine, and a whole lot of flowsnakes came down and curled up on it. I could see each flowsnake individually.