Camera with a Baton, but not in my Head

I think it's good to go crazy on occasion. I feel better now, more confident. There's a line right at the end of Philip K. Dick's A Scanner Darkly (I read the book recently) which goes something like, "in his mind, where no-one could see". I think the important thing to remember is that no matter how bad or scared I feel, no-one else has to know if I don't want them to. And thinking like that makes me feel safer, and not so worried about what people think of me.

Today I went in the shop that sells bongs and replica guns and had a good look around, although I'm usually too intimidated. They sell cute cat ornaments and expensive figurines of Betty Boop. I'm glad to see that they sell nothing but junk, because apparently they're closing down.

Also there were some TV crews on the High Street, filming the new police officer-mounted cameras. I didn't see any logos for what channel it was, so it might have been a police training video or something similar. I'm glad to see the force phasing out the old, static CCTV cameras in favour of CCTV cameras that can beat people up and shock them with Tasers.


Roadchick said...

The mean reds are a bitch, aren't they? Hang in there, Pacian, you will survive.

On a happier note - shops that sell replica guns must always sell bongs too. Kind of a yin/yang thing. Very good for feng shui.

Terri /Tinker said...

I left a comment on the post below, and have been sitting here trying to think of something half as clever as Roadchick's comment, but all that comes to mind is that the bong store that's going out of business is located on High Street, which is sort of an oxymoron since it's going out of business, which is not all that clever an observation. Glad you're feeling better now - wishing you sweet dreams of cats - and none of those nasty spider ones ~shudder~

Sorry for the disjointed comment - it's pretty late here. The comment on the next post down's somewhat more coherent.

Pacian said...

@R: It is perhaps a fundamental law of the Universe. Which is a shame, because it is to the stoned I would be happiest to entrust real firearms.

@T: It is not, in fact, located on the high street. If it were, I expect the police officers would point their cameras at it and frighten most of the customers away.