A Poem about a Boy in a Bubble

I am trapped in a bubble,
Floating through the sky.
My only chance of living
Is to eat azure sky pie.

Up above your rooftops
Floats and bobs my bubble,
I am trapped above you,
Safe from all your trouble.

I am trapped above you,
Please someone burst my bubble.


Geosomin said...


This filled my head with images, but made me feel lonely. I like writing that brings out a response in me.

Tinker said...

Hmm, I would; but as you said, you're safe from all my trouble, up there in your bubble. Besides, you have pie in the sky, and it just doesn't seem nice to bound about bursting others' bubbles.
Also, you never know when you might land on cloud nine! Then you can really walk on air *_*

Michelle said...

Then you might go "splat" on my head. And land in my troubles. And I'd have to go and buy you a whole lot of chewing gum. Anyway...

I *love* the azure sky pie line.

susanna said...

Hee! Oops, I'm feeling a bit guilty now for snickering at Bubble Boy way up in the sky.