Well, it's exactly a year since the Earth was in this location. Relative to the sun that is, which of course follows its own orbit around the centre of the galaxy. And this arbitrary and abstract occasion is a nice point to draw a line under everything that happened before it and say, Hey, that was last orbit. This is what I'm doing this orbit.

I guess I should write down all my resolutions somewhere so that I don't forget them. But then I might actually try to stick to them! I will, however, share the ones which have the most relevance to you, my dear, most important readers.

Write something of consequence
My new years resolution is always, always 'write more'. Well last year I finally did write more, thanks to Sunday Scribblings and NaNoWriMo (about which see next resolution). This year I hope to form a partial first draft of something that is not quite completely rubbish, developing the story idea I've been compiling notes about for a few months now. After that begins the process of realising that it's rubbish and that I have to rewrite it all, which will probably require me to grow a much thicker hide and find a half-decent reserve of energy.

Try and finish Skeleton God
Note the try. I learned a lot of valuable lessons from NaNoWriMo, sadly they were mostly about what not to do. I have a better idea now of what kind of thing holds my interest in writing a story. For example, Skeleton God is presented largely as a mystery, which is dumb because I hate reading and watching standard mysteries, let alone writing them. My plot plan basically consisted of a number of suitably foreshadowed revelations which the protagonists would have to uncover, and it turns out that I in no way find that to be stimulating. I also minimised the unrequited relationship between the two main characters to a sub-plot, even though (as you can see by reading any of the stories I've posted on Rocket Ship) this is the aspect of any story that I always find the most interesting. So, relationships as an integral part of the plot, any mysteries as sub-plots… and hopefully I've learned a lot of other things about how to write the stories that I actually want to. Or maybe I'm just not cut out for writing anything other than short, plotless vignettes… I guess I'll find out.

Draw More
I just don't enjoy trying to teach myself to draw properly, but I do like scribbling down rubbish little doodles and character portraits. I'm going to try and put more doodles into my notes this year. I may post some for you to see.

Blog Often
Because, people, what would you do without me?


zhoen said...

Nothing like churning out that 50K of words to see the scope and form of the problem. I'm dipping into writing in the gaps, layering in, oh, you know, descriptions. Finding scenes that need to be broken up for scrap, the exposition refitted into other places.

Still, it's fun, in a hard sort of way.

Michelle said...

I think you've got a good chance of succeeding, since your goals are concrete. I know you can do it!

Happy New Year!

Hey, I wonder if there is a romance writer hidden in there somewhere...lalala.

Pacian said...

@Zhoen: More like 25K in my case. T_T

@Michelle: I don't think he is hidden very well. I shall have to buy him some camouflage clothes.