It's my birthday!
Happy birthday! (To me!)
(This is my brithday song.)

I was a bit grumpy when I woke up today, but I got some nice presents, including, from my lovely mother, a whopping great big Atlas of the Universe - a dense tome of knowledge and imagery amalgamated by the sizeable brain of living legend Sir Patrick Moore. My favourite political dissident bought me the first season of American Dad, which I haven't seen, and which fleshes out the meagre selection of American animation in my DVD collection. Bringer-of-Joy-in-Chief Emily, occasional commenter, also got me the lovely QI book. I love that show, not to mention Stephen Fry. Other dividends included a little Patrick Star beanie and some humorous cards that did split my sides asunder. Seriously.

Mood improved, my reward for surviving for twenty-three orbits of the blue orb is to lock myself away and write feverishly, while my conscience cracks its whip low over my head. You lucky folks may, instead, gaze upon this lovely Cassini portrait of Saturn:


Emily said...

Woohoo!!!! I'm "Bringer-of-Joy-in-Chief" I'm glad you like my present, it's made my day. Thankyou!! It makes it all worth while. Yipee!!!!!

Roadchick said...

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday, dear Pacian
Happy Birthday to you


Lawd, you're a BABY!!!

~trudges away, feeling incredibly old~

tinker said...

Happy Birthday, Pacian - glad you had a good one, what with the presents from bringers-of-joy and political dissidents. The Atlas sounds awesome (though I am wondering how they knew what the rest of it looks like :)

Good luck on the book, too! I'm afraid I may be running out of steam...(hence, the ellipses)...

tinker said...

By "it," I meant the Universe...

Diddums said...

Happy birthday!
I know someone else with the same birthday.

Pacian said...

@emily: Thanks, and yipee to you too.

@roadchick: I'd be the last person to SAY that you were old. Hmm, my shift key seems to have got stuck in that sentence. Disregard the apparent emphasis. :-P

@tinker: That is a good point, which I shall take seriously: Sir Patrick is a proper sciencey type, so the book carefully lays down how certain we are about what we know, what we hypothesise, and what we just don't know.

@diddums: Thank you. Apparently the chances of finding two people with the same birthday are a lot greater than you would think, but I've forgotten the mathematics behind it. :-)

zhoen said...

And in return, you make me laugh really hard. You deserve a Roomba.

Joyeaux natale!

Pacian said...

My first thought was that a Roomba sounds like something Super Mario should be jumping on. Then I found out it's just the robotic vacuum cleaner.

I guess one of those would be less likely to go megalomaniacal down the plughole.

Jemima said...

Many happy returns of the week.

Disillusioned kid said...

"Favourite political dissident", fuck yeah!

Hope you had a good one. (I hope also that I'm able to leave a comment successfully this time, unlike my efforts on the day itself.)

Now you've entered your Twenty-Fourth year, can I be the first person to wish you a Happy Christmas/Channukah/Kwanzaa/Winterval?

arse poetica said...

Happiest of birthday wishes, Pacian! Keep up the good work of being you.