Thursday evening, or rather, very early Friday morning, I was woken by a thunderclap that went something like this:

rumble rumble rumble Rumble KER-BLAM!!!

I turned the light on just to check that the planet Earth was still in one piece (it was, as far as I could see), and then left it on a little longer, because, you know, KER-BLAM!


susanna said...

:) I love thunderstorms - Ker-BLAM and all! We had a tornado watch last night. Exhilarating yet kinda scary.

zhoen said...

The best ones I've survived were in Kansas. I would wake up sitting up, my heart unding audibly, the building shaking, and when the next boom came, I figured out why. Crashing and overwhelming sound and light show for fifteen minutes, then fade to black.

Almost makes me want to move to Kansas.

Pacian said...

@Susanna: I love thunderstorms too, I'm just not too big a fan of sky-explosions that come from nowhere when you're sound asleep.

@Zhoen: I am much too much of a wimp for that sort of thing. British thunderstorms are mostly rumbles and the odd bit of sheet lightning.