Cats and Dogs

In my experience, all kittens* will play fetch. As far as I know, puppies do not, and have to be taught to do so. As the kitten grows into a cat, however, it soon realises that if it doesn't fetch the toy, eventually the human will get it anyway. It learns not to fetch.

Many humans believe dogs to be more intelligent than cats.

*100% with sample size of 3.


susanna said...

My cat is the smartest cat on earth.

Roadchick said...

Autrice tagged the 'chick with the following meme:

The Rules of this tag game are:
1. Grab the book nearest to you...no cheating!
2. Open to page 123.
3. Scroll down to the fifth sentence.
4. Post text of next 3 sentences on to your blog.

Consider yourself tagged!

Geosomin said...

"*100% with sample size of 3."
That made me laughout loud. Spoken like a true scientist...With a little work you could probably get a grant. I'd voluteer my 2 cats but they're too lazy to fetch. I like to think they're too smart, but...

Oh, and just for the helluvit roadchick, the 3 sentences are "Type II immunosensitivity is responsible for many of the multiorgan autoimmune diseases exemplified by systemic lupus erythematosis.These are characterised by systemic nectrotising vasculitis. Graft versus host disease may also occur."
A resounding Zzzzzzz...... (I'm at work - I can't even pretend that was interesting, sorry...)

zhoen said...

Didn't know our cat as a kitten, but I suspect you are correct, since he is a very smart cat.

Roadchick said...

The 'chick's cat (age 3) continues to play fetch and will play for hours.

Go figure...

Michelle said...

Love the sample size info!

My dog played "fetch" exactly once, after I had absolutely insisted. She brought me the ball, unenthusiastically dropped it in the vicinity of my feet, and never, ever did it again.

She can hold her own with my cat.

Pacian said...

@Susanna: Ah! Just found a picture of him! He's so cute!

@Geosomin: No! Not medical-type stuff! Mild hypochondriac, avoid it like the plague (no pun intended).

@The 'Chick: It's a good thing there is no such thing as kitty school, for your cat would surely have failed all his/her kitty exams. Sad, but true.

@Zhoen: I can believe it. Moby has quite the presence to him.

@Michelle: That's one smart dog. Does she get on with your cat?

tinker said...

My cats view "fetching" as an adjective - as in "yes, we do look quite fetching, thank you."


Michelle said...

Actually yes. She even nursed the cat's kittens when the cat decided not to do it herself.