I Dream of Spiders

It's inevitable that I dream of spiders. I've usually forgotten this when it happens. The dreams are always different, except that there are always spiders above me, descending on almost invisible threads, weaving webs across my path. They are the worst kind of spiders, as far as I'm concerned: long shiny legs and furtive, silent movements.

I've always been frightened of spiders. I think in these dreams they represent fear itself. I often joke that I'm frightened of just about everything. The spiders silently set their traps around me, and I don't dare move, except in the most careful way. And yet if I stay still for too long, one will drop down on me from above anyway. I rarely reach a resolution in these dreams - just become more and more paralysed with fear, or work myself into an even worse position, before I ultimately wake.

Then I have to turn the light on to satisfy myself that there are no spiders in the room, and hide deep beneath the quilt before I can sleep again.


Diddums said...

For a while several of my dreams were about snakes and spiders, then they stopped. I looked up my old 'dream' book and it suggested spider dreams are quite lucky. If they are crawling all over you or you see one spinning, it means you are going to be very wealthy. Bags I first cut of your Lottery win. ;-)

It says dreaming about snakes is less good, so my dreams cancelled themselves out. I dreamed about a coiled, sleeping snake, which apparently means danger and imprisonment. I saw more than one snake - it says if I dream about many snakes, I will be betrayed by a woman. Hmm. (Glancing around suspiciously). Maybe I've already been betrayed and didn't notice... haven't had any snake dreams for a while!

Pacian said...

I'm afraid that decadent materialist that I am, I tend to think of dreams as expressions of the subconcious rather than portents of the future.

And I think that dream interpretation is more personal than reading about what things 'mean' in books - it's what they mean to you that matters, and spiders scare the pants off me. :-)

(Maybe I will buy a lottery ticket though...)

Diddums said...

Totally agree - when I bought the dream book (from a charity shop) it was just for fun and inspiration. But then a while back I blogged about a dream I had, gave my interpretation of it, and then looked up the dream book. It said the same thing. It's probably a fairly sensible interpretation anyway. Debatable what exactly it was trying to predict, as it was very brief. If anyone's interested, it will be under my 'Dreams and Night Terrors' category somewhere - two posts on the subject: 'Assassin' and 'Malign Presence'.

commongal said...

I think there are some common archetypes that appear in all of our dreams -- apparently dreams of being without shoes, naked or partially or back in school, are quite common. Not having shoes apparently means you haven't got a firm hold on your identity, by the way. I dream that a lot.

Spiders aren't popular in my dreams, but they are in my life. I am surrounded by trees where I live and little centipedes and spiders make their way into my house, and if they are lucky, past Larry and Henry.

I think Spiders are fragile, beautiful and terrifying, wherever they appear.

Pacian said...

I think Spiders are fragile, beautiful and terrifying, wherever they appear.

Oooh, very nicely put!

Jemima said...

When I wake up screaming after an insect dream I can't get back to sleep because I can still feel them on my skin. Not that I'm confusing insects and arachnids, of course.

Pacian said...

That sounds lovely!

The spiders never get on me. I think I'd just die in my sleep if that happened.