I've scribbled my scribble for Sunday. I just need to sleep on it and then change it completely.

Now for a lark, the first five words that come to mind beginning with the letter 'A'...

-Anti-authoritarianism (This should count twice.)
-Arf (This is the noise that dogs make.)

This post was brought to you by the number 4 and the television show Sesame Street. Actually it was brought to you by beer, tiredness and Death in Vegas' Natja, whose lyrics, were there any, would go, "Zzzzz-dow-dow-(dow), Zzzzz-dow-dow-(dow)".


Michelle said...

I like how you think.

I saw one of those old Sesame Street psychedelic number things the other day...FOUR 4, lala FOUR wonder number 4!!!! You know. I miss those things.

Pacian said...

My British non-digital TV can't get Sesame Street anymore, as far as I know.

I miss Elmo.

susanna said...

ancillary...must look that up in the dictionary...looked it up...hmmm... not sure I'll ever use that word ...although I do like the dictionary description of the pronounciation as being "especially British".