I Am Jack's Mediocre Qualification

I would’ve posted this last night, but blogspot apparently decided that it needed a holiday.

I've finished my exams. Kinda wasted, I have to say. My last exam should have been one of my best, but it actually turned out to be a great annoyance and semi-upset. All the past years' papers for that module had been very qualitative. So I prepared to answer a lot of qualitative questions, which wasn’t easy for me. I always say that I hate exams that expect you to know the answer. I much prefer exams that expect you to know how to work out the answer.

Anyway, I opened the exam, and it was three mostly quantitative questions and one qualitative question on a subject area that I specifically looked for in the lecture notes, but did not find. So, my exams are over. Fuck.

On the plus side, I did collect my coursework. All through the year they’ve been telling me to collect my coursework when it's been marked, but I naturally left it until the last possible moment. I got my come-uppance though. The mark I’d been emailed for one of my pieces of coursework was 70%, which annoyed me because I knew I could’ve done better. But on collecting it I find that I actually got 89%, which is much better. It had been recorded correctly, so where the 70% came from, I have no idea. On another piece of coursework (that I got 52% for and which was covered in red pen), I found this little comment, which made me smile. I should perhaps put this in my CV:

With my exams done, I took a wander through my university town, and found this poster for just £1.99. Colour me almost happy.

You might be able to make out some of my books if you click and enlarge it. They all look very high-brow from this angle. You can't see all the comics and manga that are just to the right...


Diddums said...

Huh - you should write back and tell them there's no such thing as 'lazy'!

While I'm here, my 'Aw Diddums' blog site has had its URL unexpectedly changed from co.uk to com. We weren't told (I certainly didn't get a message) and I spent a day wondering why the host's server was down! My URL is now http://www.blogigo.com/diddums
Sorry about that! Hits to my site have trickled to a halt - no doubt all the indexing on Google is now wrong. I've probably also lost my sole subscriber on Bloglines... boo hoo.

Pacian said...

I would've sworn that the .co.uk URL was working for me earlier today. But the .com one seems stable. I'll change the link as soon as my own blog host stops messing me about. ^_^

(For example, posting this comment was an ordeal in itself.)

Diddums said...

Well... ahem. The co.uk seems to be back, and now both URLs work. What is all that about? Haven't a clue. Wasn't imaginging things, though; other bloggers were finding the same thing. I only noticed co.uk was back because I still had all the co.uk addresses on Bloglines, and suddenly they showed up with backlogs of posts. Still reading :-).